Toro Headline News

We are committed to keeping our Toro Nation informed. Please check back often for announcements and to share in our successes on the field.

Thursday Night Varsity Dinner

This week's Thursday dinner will be at the Levatau's (Suli's house). Ask your teammates for the address and please plan accordingly. We hope to see all the varsity players there!

Toro Football Booster Club vs Mountain View Booster Club

We continue to hear of some booster club confusion. Our school has a wonderful main Mountain View Booster Club now run by football mom Cyndi Bowers and they do a lot of great things for different clubs and teams on campus and have done so for years. 

We are the Toro Football Booster Club, Inc a 501c3 non profit with the sole purpose of benefiting the Toro football programs. To further clarify, Toro Football Booster Club does not receive sports program ad revenue, concession revenue, ticket revenue, or fence banner revenue (the banners that go around the football field perimeter fence).  This revenue either goes to the main booster club (fence banners and sports program ads) or in the case of concessions; the performing arts booster clubs. We hope this helps some of you because we continue to have people say they thought they were donating to football by doing an ad, buying a banner on the fence, or buying food or game tickets. All of those are great things to help support Mountain View as a whole (and are very much needed) but the football program does not directly benefit from those. Our revenue comes solely from donations, sponsorships, card sales, email fundraisers, yard signs, reserved seats etc. We appreciate your support! Our new sponsors have been awesome in every way! As we have said before-- it takes a lot of money to run a successful top notch program that we can all be proud of. 

NFHS Network - Internet Broadcast of Games

The NFHS Network will continue to broadcast games over the internet. Please note there is no broadcast crew, however, there is a remote crew using a permanent camera at each school. Therefore, the quality of the broadcast might not be the greatest. However, for those that can't attend or live away, it is a great substitute. Link is Mountain View High School - Mesa Football - Mesa, AZ.

Football Game Day Photos

Friday night's game pics are on the Toro Shutterfly site. Special thanks to Troy Giles and Joanna Finkenkeller who take our wonderful game pics. Look for the Freshman and JV game day photos on this site as well! Anyone can view the pics but you will need a free Shutterfly account to download them. 

Fundraising Night - Chipotle

Save the date for our upcoming fundraiser night!

  • Chipotle - Monday, October 11 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

This is a great way to take a night off of cooking, enjoy some great food, and support our football team. If you are ordering Chipotle on the app, please use code 3E6ZFLF. We hope to see you there!

Tickets to Football Games

Mesa Public Schools is using the GoFan App again for advanced ticket sales for all sports, both home and away games. Most of the games including freshman and JV are already loaded into the GoFan app so you can start purchasing tickets at your convenience.

Children eight years old and younger are free, and AIA/MPS passes will still be accepted when applicable. Please note that for any outdoor event, MPS currently has an outdoor capacity limit of 75%. Also please note that each district could have their own COVID-19 restrictions.

Varsity Team Dinners

Our varsity team dinners are on Thursday nights at the Farnsworth home. Parents, we need your help in keeping our team fueled and ready to go on Friday night.

Check out our SignUpGenius link and help where you can. For more information contact Melissa Farnsworth.

Fundraising Information

Just a general note about fundraising. We recognize there are a lot of "asks" from the football program so we sincerely thank you for your support. It has been outstanding! Some programs around the valley just "charge" $1000 to 1500 for kids to play sports which is unfortunate because some can't afford these costs. At least with our program we usually have chances to solicit donations or sell something rather than solely placing the financial burden on families. (Summer Camp and Summer Weightlifting aren't donations and those fees are used to pay for facilities, coaches etc.) It takes a lot of money to run a quality football program–much more than school budgets allow for. In fact, thousands and thousands more than the school can account for. So thank you for helping where and when you can. It really does take a village. For those of you that may not be able to write a check--we encourage you to stay involved and donate your time when you can. If you signed up to help with halftime refuel, varsity dinners, banquets etc.--- we haven't forgotten you. You will be contacted as needed. 

Football Calendar

Our updated calendar is now posted. Please visit our Calendar page for more information!