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We are committed to keeping our Toro Nation informed. Please check back often for announcements and to share in our successes on the field.

Varsity Banquet

Our varsity banquet is on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. at the Mesa Country Club. There have been some generous Toro sponsors and boosters that have made this special night possible by allowing us to keep the costs of the event and the cost of the attendance the same as in years past. The banquet is for coaches, their guests, player, and parents only. We must provide a headcount to Mesa Country Club. The coaches, their guests, and players are free, and parents are $15 each like in years past. Please Venmo the amount to @Toro-football ASAP along with the player's name so we know where to apply the money.

Shirt and tie for players and coaches. Nice dress for parents. Please come and celebrate the great season! As a reminder, the varsity banquet is for the regular, core 2021 varsity team that existed prior to the call-ups, this would include the few JV players that suited up every Friday night.

Thank You To Our 2021 Toro Football Sponsors

A special thank you to our 2021 Toro Football Sponsors. We would like to recognize them again:

  • Chad & Beth Coons
  • Nana Melody Cookies (Jack Stapley)
  • Craig & Amy Ahlstrom
  • Jackson White Attorneys (Adam Ashby)
  • Sun American Mtg (Parker & Terry Turk) 
  • Breinholt Insurance (Devan Anderson
  • Ruth Collins
  • Farnsworth Physical Therapy (Tom Farnsworth)
  • The Adams Agency (Wayne Syrek)
  • Brian & Allison Evans
  • DC Restoration (Griffin Goodman)
  • Pew & Lake (Sean Lake)
  •  Invision Eyecare (Will & Kathy Crum)
  • Diamonte Homes (Jim Adcox)
  • Athletic Institute of Medicine (Tom & Sabrina Wall)
  • Mendoza Immigration (Jim Hill)
  • Factum Financial (Kyle Fuller)
  • Momentum Construction (Moe Kandiyeli)
  • Automated Environments (Jason Fischbeck)
  • Neil Buchan
  • Chad & Brenda Barta
  • Mark & Bonnie Shill
  • Dr. Steven Frost
  • AZ Specialty Landscapes (Sarah Fitzgerald)
  • Banks Pediatric Dentistry (Brian Banks)
  • Family First Physicians (Dr. Alan Germaine Family)
  • Brad & Leslie Clark
  • Lazer companies (Chris Lazich)
  • Cory & Erin Driggs
  • 202 RV Storage (Levi Germaine)  

Thank you! Thank you! We express our appreciation to our Football Sponsors---- many of them who donated $2,500 or more. In addition to our normal football expenditures we were able to do some fun things this year (fireworks at every home game, inflatables, fire machines unveiled at senior night, food trucks, etc) in large part due their generous donations. The Friday night experience has been wonderful!

Individual and Team Photos

Our team and individual photos are available for purchase. There should be several poses of each player to choose from along with multiple backgrounds. Please use the link below to purchase.

You can do a download only or do a download add on at a discounted rate when you buy a regular print.  

Football Coaches and Day Jobs

Just a note as some of you may not be aware that we have more football coaches that are not teachers on campus than we have had in a long time. Out of almost 20 coaches in our program only two work on our campus.

This is more and more common these days and can create some logistical and other challenges at times but is very manageable. Thank you for your understanding! Our coaches spend hours upon hours each day without much financial benefit back to them while sacrificing a ton of personal & family time. In the case of our varsity coaches, for example, they work a full day job and are at MV for team meetings at 5:00 p.m. and frequently stay past 9:00 p.m. Do the math on their free personal time or even their hourly wage and it's not great. It goes to show you that they coach because they love the game and most importantly---they love our boys! A big thank you to our football coaches! 

Toro Football Booster Club vs Mountain View Booster Club

We continue to hear of some booster club confusion. Our school has a wonderful main Mountain View Booster Club now run by football mom Cyndi Bowers and they do a lot of great things for different clubs and teams on campus and have done so for years. 

We are the Toro Football Booster Club, Inc a 501c3 non profit with the sole purpose of benefiting the Toro football programs. To further clarify, Toro Football Booster Club does not receive sports program ad revenue, concession revenue, ticket revenue, or fence banner revenue (the banners that go around the football field perimeter fence).  This revenue either goes to the main booster club (fence banners and sports program ads) or in the case of concessions; the performing arts booster clubs. We hope this helps some of you because we continue to have people say they thought they were donating to football by doing an ad, buying a banner on the fence, or buying food or game tickets. All of those are great things to help support Mountain View as a whole (and are very much needed) but the football program does not directly benefit from those. Our revenue comes solely from donations, sponsorships, card sales, email fundraisers, yard signs, reserved seats etc. We appreciate your support! Our new sponsors have been awesome in every way! As we have said before-- it takes a lot of money to run a successful top notch program that we can all be proud of.