Photo Gallery

There’s nothing quite like the Friday night stadium lights, the roar of the fans, and the clash of helmets as our Toros go to battle. Relive some of these great moments. This is how Toro Strong looks.

Football player lifts a tire
Football player running
Football players tackling each other
Group of football players tackling each other
Football players tackle each other outside
Football player prepares to throw a football
Football player prepares to catch a football
Football player mows the field lawn
Football player carrying a pole
Football player carries a pole across a field
Football player runs through obstacles
Football player runs through an obstacle
Football player prepares to tackle another player
Football players prepare to throw footballs
Three football players prepare to throw and catch a football
Football team members play on the field
Football coach counsels team members
Football player prepares to throw a football as another player prepares to catch it
Football player protects a football as other players attempt to take it
Team members begin to play football
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