Our MVT Football Program

As part of our commitment to develop confident, well-rounded athletes, the Toro Football program stresses the importance of academics, good nutrition, and hard work. You can expect our athletes to be extraordinary.

Team Purpose

The Toro Football Team works to prepare tomorrow’s leaders by developing athletic teams which pursue excellence by strengthening athletes, developing excellence in character, and instilling good work habits, while teaching and stressing the primacy of academics.


With the help of God, players will graduate as extraordinary young men. Our extraordinary young men will impact and inspire thousands of lives during their lifetime. These men will become leaders of their families, businesses, communities, churches, and in some cases, nation, where they will demonstrate their deliberate pursuit of excellence in all relationships and endeavors.

Our Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of our football program is to have the type of program the entire student body and community can be proud of, on and off the field. We expect to build our program with young men who have character, self esteem, self discipline, and academic achievement. We will teach good work habits, leadership skills, teamwork, commitment, and strive to reach our highest potential. 

Dead Center Points for the Toro Way

  • We will stress the primacy of academics and know that students are here first and foremost to become great students.
  • We will run a disciplined program where dedicated players compete with great attitude and relentless effort, sacrificing personal gain for the team's achievement.
  • We will work hard and work with an organized purpose in practice, creating physical and mental toughness to prepare for competition.
  • Coaches will be quality role models who coach with focus, enthusiasm, and love for their players.
  • We will always voice solutions not complaints.